The Journey



SPRING - the seed

Biljana Banchotova's dream land in birth is South Africa. From this place her journeys awakened with the beat of the Mother Drum….

Her bloodline lineage evolved into the Ancient Macedonian, which is her family today and in which land she spends her early years of life. Tailored by the Macedonian community she received endless gifts of communing with nature, the people and traditions, little houses, stone roads and big flowing rivers.

Since young age, she showed the gift of weaving and expressive arts; her ambitions were intuitively embodied into the stories of her people.

 With the First Nations songs and ceremonial ways, she remembered the rooted system of our Mother Earth Medicines. In this land she had awakened to the Artist Within. She remembered the ways of co-weaving with All Relatedness. Resonating with the medicines of the Earth from the many forms of life: plant spirit, animal spirit, bird, trees...and began to understand the patterns of our deep alchemical mating. She prayed at the sacred lodges and vision quested her name. Her given birth name Biljana, translates to Medicine; her ancestral medicine name was 'Water Spirit(Ghost) Woman'; her found name at the nest of the Thunderbird is 'Birthing Star'. In this way she continues the sacred work with Spirit, the World, the Land & Soul... 

She is presently exploring, building & initiating the foundation of  “SPIRAL GATEWAY” Centre for the Transformative Arts, Bridge for Multicultural Understanding and Medicine Work, on her Land and Home in the Highlands East. Dedicated to live in harmony and sustainability.

SUMMER - awakening

Biljana resides and co–creates in Canada, since 1996. Here she had given a Birth; first the birth of her son; her greatest teacher and then came the production of all her Whirling Wisdom Creations.

Along her path she had been guided and healed by many "hands" and spirited forms of inter-dimensional journeying.

By now, Biljana had explored the teachings, practices and spiritual wisdom from many cultural pathways. Among few are:

Eastern Indian and Yogi meditative approach for Divine opening and realigning with the ethereal inter dimensional bodies; The awakening of the Rainbow Serpent, known to some.

From Tibetan Buddhism, she draws the healing power of chant and vibrational medicine.

In Celtic spirituality she recollects the stories, myth and medicine of old times. Celebrating the span of the seasons, and life giving cycles of the Goddess with annual fires and celebrations.

The African Tribal Drum awakened the heart beat of her soul, while she had endlessly celebrated with dances and all the tools that one can share.

Forever grateful to the Chinese ways of technological inventions, which she considers the blood streams of today's New Age movement.

Within all her ways of weaving, Biljana holds a place that comes from much respect to her teachers, Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields. In this place she got to climb her womanhood and stand for the teachings of feminine wisdom for our planetary re-balancing.

As an Artistic Director of “Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play”, she explores integrating multi disciplinary arts in a sacred ways that honor Spirit, weave Storytelling through Art and body language/movement; vibrational healing. Among her many offerings are the Soundscapes, work with the Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, playing the Flute, Ocean Drum, Tribal Drum, Didgeridoo, and EST.…

Today you see her stand in the awakening of the World Peace and light working for the healing of Water. Sharing the knowledge for remembering of this primal Life Giving Element and source to all Creation!

~ in VISION!

FALL - giveaway

This was how it came, to be a self taught Artist, who walks her talk :)

Painting, poetry weaving; storytelling, whirling the dance of spinning her creations.

As a Visionary artist Biljana Banchotova has developed a unique technique of painting, that allows her to engage and liberate body's wisdom, to express the interrelatedness of Spirit and form. She had found that all life is "breathing" with sound, energy and light within the many patterns of evolvement, throughout the manifestation of life. With many hours of "dream work" & expressive movement she intuitively reaches inner depths of knowing to find the seeds of productivity. As she moves trough the process, her visions are weaving onto the canvass as a Soul Medicine Portraits.

Each of the artwork travels in consciousness and stand as an open passage for the many mysteries found in nature, human and spirit matters. The artwork acts as a transformative initiative tool that carries "messages" within its flow, for our evolutionary movement in consciousness and planetary healing.

With her creative flow she travels through the many roads of expressive forms and movements. One of her favorite, Dance. Dance could be fulfilling as freedom, but Dance as ceremony is, as she says "intentionally profound and powerful tool for communal collective prayers and healing". This is how she met the Aztec ceremonial dancers and shared their ceremonies.

Then embraced the Maya. Which fire and calendar stand as a centering wisdom of Universal knowledge. Naturally blending in the humble ways of the Maya community she continues to share the blessings around the Moon.

Water Spirit Woman is the guardian of the "Sisterhood of the Talking Stick", and stands in the support of the womanhood of Mother Earth; that come together with the New Moon, for sharing of the seeds of wisdom. The ceremonial celebrations are invitation to all women, for the reclaiming of the feminine, in a balanced ways with the masculine creator.

Giveaway her visions and welcome new

 As a Certified Lead Artist Educator from the Royal Conservatory of Music she unites people in the hands of practice with the expressive arts, including “ Hand Drum Making Workshops”, “Creation and Painting of Didgeridoos”, Stain Glass Dream catchers, Spirit Shields, Masks, Labyrinths, Medicine Wheels, and other explorative transformative work with the Land and the sacred Lodges….

WINTER - reflection

Nowadays Biljana is still ...weaving
...and Dreaming the Wisdom of Immortality onto the web of LIFE.

Words of Wisdom:
~ In stillness...awareness…
~ Mirrors of the Great Spirit….
~ Earth, Air, Water and Fire
~ An act of beauty at the pool of creativity….
~ Water for World Healing….
~ Voice in Nature….
~ Ancestral knowledge of quantum awakening…
~ Traveling the star gates….
~ The dreamer had bean awakened
~ We are the one we have been waiting for…
~ The ever spinning flow of the spiral….
~ Children of Now



With her passion at hand she continues to walk the road of Building Bridges, for the remembering of the Rainbow Consciousness that will unite as all into a harmonious place and quantum awakening.

Biljana's passion is working towards the illumination and breathing light into the names, stories and life of the up coming youth and elder's wisdom.

Openly, with an intuitive and creative ways she is communicating consciousness with our young generation, that she believes hold the fibers and answers to our bright future and planetary ascension.

She is works in friendship with the International School Peace Gardens, that promote peace and networking among all races on earth; for sustainable leaving, education, truism, preserving world and native species, planting trees est.

Percentage of the sale from her original artworks go for the support of conscious leaving; re-building & art donations to non-profit charitable organizations.

The Journey

In the evening between sleep and awakening,
I met one traveling. He was the light of consciousness.
His body, his soul, his pure wisdom,
apparent in his beautiful face.

Translated by Coloman Barks

Into transcendent silence of the night. Peace
enter my body, eternal flame
fire light upon my face.

As I ‘step by the other’, spinning
particles, I am swirl
upon a spiral path
echo of existent consciousness.

Into the presence I dwell
my patterns and rhythms and realms.

My mind, O sink!
soul awaken, an eagle flight
watchful eyes wide open
upon a moon light of the night
owl’s cry.

I ‘turn you down’, my mind
of intelligence of an ego. Time surrender
to the “at-one-ness” with “all-that-is”.

I feel the flame, life force
within me, warmth in
my heart awakening, moves me,
into the color spectrum of the light,
space less and.

I surrender slowly, the Spiral
Milky Way.

My fingers, O braid!
Spider is weaving
the story is spinning, within
the soul of my fibers.
The pray is born, my heart beat
the sound I hear
upon the reflection
in my face.

Then I see, your face.
alive, alike I!
Is it of a same song we sing or the same breath we breathe,
hand by the other
upon this earth
into the havenless infinity.

A wakeful, wisdom of an eye.

Now, that I find you, within
the web of life
spinning consciousness of light
your voice, find myself,

into the shattered flames
of the Sun, life giving God
of a creative kind.

Star upon a star
constellation of laws
step by the other, with
the role of love.

Now, that I see you, in
my eyes
I’ll always find you,
the timeless, endless
dance of eternity.

I met one traveling. He was
the light of consciousness,
treasure gathered from within,
vast and improbable depths
of a journey trough
the map of life.


May you be blessed with light of love,
my heart tells me, upon
a creative look of collective consciousness

All my Relations


I say thank you, for sharing the wisdom
whisper upon the wind,
dancing sunrays, messengers of light.

As I open my eyes, within
moon weaving upon the water, story tales of emotions
dancers of the fire.
I take a wide breath, thank thee.

Gave away my presence
the answers searching, seeking truth
of existence, I thank you.

Thank you to the child
innocence, of love, smiling eyes
of happiness, enters my heart
see me!
Within the earth and the sky
near and far, within a star.

I am all that you are
feeling safe upon your guidance
of all that you are.

I am seeing- you- reflection
butterfly upon a flower,
blooming spring within a tree,
seeing as I can look, deep within
me, the shadow of mine
I thank you
for the light you can give
for the life that I am.


All my Relations