Purchasing Original Art

It is a gift to be guardian, of an work of art!
Enjoy your browsing through the work. Embrace the paintings with an open mind and connect with the one that is calling you. Biljana has written a story behind each of the paintings, which may be shared upon a wish.
If you are interested in purchasing original art shown on this web site, please click “contact” below to inquire about specific prices. Prices are based upon size and complexity of the work, and whether or not the piece exists in multiple form as an original print.

Note that, reproduction rights are retained by the artist even after the artwork itself is sold. Artwork is carefully packaged and transported, by arrangement. Payments may be made on an installment basis, but the original will not be shipped until final payment is complete.

Note: Arrangements can be made, for a leasing.

“ I so enjoy showing your works as I think *all* of them are uber-fabulous!  And yes... I know I say that each one is the most beautiful, but I say that about my children too... something so special can't be defined as love has no boundaries... can't help it if I love your works!  Each one is more impressive than the previous one and I can't wait to see what the next ones will bring.  I can't help it... you're paintings are more than art... they have so much spirit within them…. That being said, I wish to purchase "Morning Star... to join my other special paintings, including "Heart by Heart"”
Kristin Groulx, YA Paranormal Romance Author & friend

“Oh dearest Biljana - I just have to tell you that your painting has really found a home here - and in fact MORE than that she ‘IT”  has taken  front and center stage here in our Primary Altar Room – “The High Priestess Rosalia” Room for we see ourselves so well in your painting and then the guides of the painting and the Venusians spoke with us as did the angels and said the painting was made for souls like us even though Biljana did not know you or have your specific personalities in mind when she painted it!

And then the beings in it began to spoke and asked us to have a special meditation each day with them and that special blessings will flow to us each day from the painting – guidance and blessing of protection and direction in the work we were doing on Earth and so far each day has been very, very special and your painting has made us VERY HAPPY!!!

Will send you a photo ASAP as to how we framed it - it is on canvas with wooden frame and feathers are added  J.


* STARDOVES {Dr. RAJa Merk Dove & Prof. MoiRA Lady of the Sun Dove}

“As an artist, a lover of art, of beauty and co-holder of a living vision of peace I feel impelled to acknowledge, commend and express gratitude to and for Biljana Banchotova and her art; I also desire to share these feelings of appreciation with others so that they also may have the opportunity to receive pleasure and inspiration from experiencing her offering.

It is rare to find a body of created work informed with such full variety of qualities - qualities like passion and reverence, tenderness and power, sacredness and earthiness, simplicity and complexity, tranquility and intensity, fantasy and realness -that were they expressed only verbally might bring to mind words like anomalous, incompatible, contradictory - yet, when we look directly at its' creators expression we see all of these qualities together and experience an inner harmony of these qualities within ourselves in response. This is as close as I can come to describing the peaceful yet stimulating effect that looking at Biljana's paintings has upon me.Whether standing silently next to each other, celebrating, praying or looking passionately into each other's eyes, Biljana's human beings seem real and alive to us as they convey in a way that goes far beyond what style and technique alone can - a genuine felt sense of Presence.

It is this Presence that infuses and integrates her whole work. Just as the coexistence of intellectually contradictory qualities become unified when one brings one's own Presence to bear upon contemplating these paintings, it is my sense that the inclusive intent of Biljana’s art is to demonstrate the dynamic of integral unity embracing all levels and dimensions of existence where the love that flows throughout - from the ordinary-extraordinariness of human existence on Earth through the most profound reaches of spiritual Being - informs all equally.

Biljana's art is beautiful, full of rich color and having a powerfully and tenderly feminine quality that calls on Her ability for subtly nuanced brushwork to intimately convey feeling and meaning. Structurally her work is delightfully unique, often using interwoven lattices of rich color bringing a whirling voluminous interdimentionality of spiraling light-filled energy to the painting. Interestingly, I find, this very dynamic energy is fully integrated with the delicate and intimate reality of those who have Presence in the painting's world. This art is so grounded in the heart that its' spirituality seems equally at home in a cathedral, a temple, a kiva or on an alter of earth under the open sky. My appreciation goes out to Biljana Banchotova for holding and so beautifully expressing this vision of interconnectedness and Universal Love”

~ ShantiMikel ~ Artist, A Lover of Art, of Beauty and co-holder of a Living Vision of Peace

“May you continue to be blessed
with light and vision.
Your art is a gate,
a passage to the many mysteries.
Many thanks.”

~ Leslie Fell~ (holistic health practitioner and facilitator)

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