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Selected Whirling Wisdom images are reproduction of the already SOLD original artworks.  Every image is high resolution print on classy photo paper; matted on a 12 x 14 inch paper: acid free, archival safe, PVV free. Bigger size prints could be arranged by contacting the artist at: birthingstar@gmail.com      

(for an enlarged image of each painting, please visit the gallery)






"Medicine Wheel Tipi"


“The Butterfly Tree”

“Life's Prayer - Dreamcatcher”


“Heart by Heart”


“Morning Star”


“Into the Earth"

“Twin Flames”


“Butterfly Warriors"

"Rainbow Warrior"

"The Alchemy of Marriage"

    "The Fire Within"

    "Father's Love"

"Divine Play"

"The Rotation of the Earth"


"Bird Medicine"


"Love is Medicine"

“Medicine Colours I"

“Medicine Colours II"

“Medicine Colours V"


Please specify which print you are interested in the paypal "notes to sender" or send an email to birthingstar@gmail.com

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