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Whirling Wisdom Intuitive Sessions
with Biljana, Water Spirit Woman

By phone or in person, these individual or group sessions offer transformational tools and in depth insights, that answer the deepest question of Human Evolution.

Are you seeking counseling that will further enrich your life in purposeful ways? Or you feel the calling of your Soul, longing for answers of higher truth, your Life’s Passion and the Destiny of your Creative spark?

Then be open….the answers are stalking you!

Biljana, as a seer can tune into the fibers of your essence and spin the Story of your name. Be prepared to ask or simply open to the Wisdom being offered from your sessions spark.
Water Spirit Woman, had been initiated to draw the energies and teachings from multi dimensional planes of co-existence that awaken the Ancestral Knowledge and embody the collective light working ways of the Ancient One.

The reading will be channeled & reflected through the weaving of diverse divinity tools: Tarot; Moon Oracles; Sacred Path & Power Deck; Karma Cards, etc..

For your records she can assist you in finding your Maya and Aztec birth sign. As well as look into the Celtic ancient ways of working with the Wisdom of Trees, to reveal the myth of your personal Story.

One of her favorite ways of divination is for working of remembering and understanding our connection to our Mother Earth and to all her creatures. With a help of Animal Allies, their medicines and traditional teachings that have been passed down by many elders of the diverse indigenous nations, she opens new doorways of understanding for those who seek the Oneness of all life..

The session will be graced by her Whirling Wisdom Visionary Art, which light will transport you into a vortex of geometrical ascending plane that will illuminate the seeds of your Higher Self & New Earth!


Ph.: 647. 518-5593 (Canada)

E-MAIL: birthingstar@gmail.com

 Individual Whirling Wisdom Sessions

 Individual 1 hour session: $80.00 CD


Individual 1hr. session: followed by e-mail with photographic visual images of your oracles and outlined written guidance…… $111.00 CD

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