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I pray for a vision quest, of awakening wisdom;
Remembering and forgetting; of existence into the sacred spiral.


Where all life began.
Into the swirling pool of life force, an infinite source.
In a sacred way held by fibers of power, is manifesting an image,
an illusion that stops time, space and ego.
Deeply shape shifting within the "sacred dream".
Interconnected, interwoven, higher conscious,
universal laws held in the web of prayer.

Spiral-evolutionary way of creation.
An ancient wisdom and source of healing.
As I surrender to the infinite flow,
I go deep in my own consciousness,
"rider of the wind"
and into the tranquility of it's existence.

The wisdom in the paintings is within the “mazes,”
held by the power of prayer
and the sacred way of color of rhythm and pattern.
Transparent melody, existent into the freedom of it’s colorful sound.

With the red I root on the earth,
filling the warmth of it's fire, energy source.
Flaming emotions, as the orange,
embodying and awakening of there flow,
like the water, the river of life.
I see the light of the sun shining from within the yellow flower.
All is blooming from within my heart,
the connector to all, the sound I hear.
With a dance in a green grassy field and a breath free and open,
I sing a song wide as the "Great Blue Eye".
With a vision in the purple light I stand, universal vision,
which makes us dance all together
into the center of togetherness.

As a storyteller, the tale I weave in each of my paintings
acknowledge multi cultural consciousness.
Pulse of energy, moving from one
to the other side of the web.
I move, dance on one side knowing there is movement
on the other into the greater ocean.
The map of stars, multi-dimensions, of realms…
spiraling right through the center,
of the void, of it’s presence. Where magic lives and all is “one“.

I use mostly oil and acrylic paints on canvas,
reflecting my journey of self-discovery,
creating a therapeutic, meditating tool, with integrating powers.
Each of the webs breathes and expands,
allowing one’s imagination to take place in.
As one is entering the labyrinth’s path of the paintings present flow,
the eyes are absorbing the movement and
making a connection with the unconscious mind.
Who is opening up the doors of the infinite possibilities of one own state of being,
of consciousness, of it's own breath.
And as the wind shakes up the lives of the trees in fall,
the transformation follows.
Opening barriers, loosening up the tightly held knots,
fears… and expanding, breathing in a life force.
Floating along, it’s flow to the entrance of the gateway,
of the alchemy of its medicine.
As liberating from deep within,
reflecting higher above vibration of the nature rhythm and low.

With all my goodness I pray for illumination, walk the path of truth,
with open heart, balance and equality… as I see,
all the illusions reflect upon dragonfly transparent colorful wings.

For the unlimited being with no boundaries.

Into the mystic and transformation.

Thank you Justin, my son, my song;
Thank you life experiences, mirrors, my school;
And I pray, for the prayer is my teacher,
for my life is an art.


Selected Exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

“Glow in the Dark” October 2, to 23, 2014, Alternative Thinking Gallery, Toronto, ON

"Duxovni Dimenzii" ("Dimensions of the Soul")
July 25 -August, 2, 2012 at the
National Center of Culture-Bitola, Macedonia

(supported by the Ontario Arts Council and BITFEST, Makedonija)

"Dimensions of the Soul"
April 1 -April 30 2012 at Origo Books Gallery, Toronto, On Canada

"Medicine Colours", Rebas Cafe & Gallery, Valentine Show, Toronto, ON Feb. 1-28, 2011
more info

VIVACE GALLERY & STUDIOUS, Toronto, ON, “Wings of a Dream”  March 19 - April 3, 2010

Gallery at Runnymede Public Library, Toronto, ON, Twin Flames February 4 to Feb. 29, 2008

Gallery at Runnymede Public Library, Toronto, ON, Gentle Walk October 4 ~ October 31, 2007

Rebas Gallery & Cafe, Medicine Colours, solo show, Feb. 4- Mar. 4, 2007
Admore Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
BWV, solo show- June, 2006
Gypsy Coop Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
“Gypsy Queen”~ solo show
June 1 -June 30, 2005

Spirit Voice Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
“Into The Sacred Spiral” ~ solo show
October 21-November 11, 2003

Selected Collective Exhibitions:

“Oh Canada”, January 21, March 19, 2017, Rails End Gallery, Haliburton, ON

“Journey”, January- March 11, 2016, Rails End Gallery, Haliburton, ON

"Transformation" November 6 to November 18, 2012 at LucSkulpture Gallery

April 15- 28 at Luc Sculpture Studio
"The Energy Art Salon", art exhibit of selected world finalist, Veliky Novgorod, Russia; May 2011

"Storytelling", Sunrise Gallery, Toronto, ON Feb. 5-27, 2011
more info
THE GALLERY, Toronto, ON November 2010
"Nuit Blanche", Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON 2008
"Treads of Peace", Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON 2008
"Body, Mind & Spirit show", Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON 2008
BWV Arttour Show , Toronto, ON, Canada, group show- June 1-3, 2007
The Arts and Letters Club , Toronto, ON, Canada
The Second Annual Sophia Fund Art Show, group show- May 11, 2007
Waterfront Trail Artists , Etobicoke, ON, Canada,
annual show, 2006
The Donnelly Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
Art Extravaganza, group show- June, 2006

Engine Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
“XXXMAX”~ group show
Dec. 29, 2005 - Jan. 2, 2006
Earth and Sky Connections Gallery
Barrie, ON, Canada~ group show
Nov. 11, 2006
8th Annual "Bloor West Village" Artists
group show- Oct 21- Oct. 23, 2005
ACA Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
“The Living Tree” ~ group show
Anniversary and Fundraiser, July 7~July 29, 2005
Streetsville Gallery, Mississauga, ON, Canada
“Modern Abstractions” ~ group show
March 11-April 9, 2005
7th Annual “Bloor West Village“ Art Tour
June 4,- June 6, 2004
Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Juried Shows:

Broken Fence Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
7th Annual Juried
Environmental Art Show
April 13 - April 30, 2005

The Sacred Voice Gallery
3th Annual Juried
Greenpeace Benefit
September 9-11, 2005

Unique Installations:

"Reflections of the Heart" Art Installation, art exhibit on display at the "Music in the Pines" festival and 'Children's Wish come true' fundraiser at Whispering Pines, Curran, ON; Ottawa, 2011
9th Annual Charity Art Auction, Canadians for Children at Health Risk, Balmy Beach Club, Toronto, ON, 2008

Art Installation, VIVACE Studio for Dance and Visual Art, Toronto, ON, 2008
18th annual Doors Open Toronto, Sacred Spaces, Sacred Circles, The Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, ON, 2008
30th International Storytelling Festival, (Meow Films, collaboration with storyteller Jody James) Buddies at Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, ON, 2008
"The Inspiration of Art", art show & lecture, Britten Memorial Church - Canada's oldest spiritualist Church, ~ April 29, 2007, Toronto, ON

Muse07, show & fundraiser for Emergency and Trauma at Sunnybrook HSC ~ 2007
Bliss Yoga Studio, Toronto ~ 2006
Frankly Bob Art Exhibit, Toronto ~ March 28 ~ Sep. 29, 2005
Yoga Studio, Toronto, ON ~ Oct. 2005
“108 Goddesses”, C Lounge, Toronto ~ Sep. 2005
“108 Goddesses”, Yorkville Club, Toronto ~ Oct. 2, 2005
ArtsWeek 05, smART scKOOL, Toronto ~ Sep.22 - Oct. 2 , 2005
Cedar Basket, Native Canadian Centre, Toronto ~ May - Oct. 2005



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"Q & A Interviews" at Aontacht/ Druidic Down
Volume 5. "Celestial Spirituality" 
download link

"Enlightening Q&A" interview with the Lightworkers of Ontario, Dec 8, 2012


Tera Television, National Macedonian TV News, two interviews and featured with video at the program 'The Rhythm of the City", July and August, 2012

Orbis Television, National Macedonian TV News, interview and featured video of the art opening, July 25, 2012

link (external)

International Contemporary Artists, Vol IV- ICA Publishing, 2012 (full page representation)

click here for website link

Bloor West Newspaper: "Medicine Colours" - February 2011

click here for online article

Bridging Heaven & Earth
International Healing Art Project by Artists from around the World; Dedicated to the Oneness. Creative House International Press, Inc.

order here

Bloor West Newspaper: "Wings of a Dream" Vol. 5 No. 2 - April 2010

Click here for online article
Bloor West Newspaper: "Playing with Clay" - March 2010

Click here for online article
"The Oracle of the Missing Dryad" by Kristin Groulx, YA novel ("Innocence" on back cover), September, 2009
Art Catalog - Art Book, Ben Navaee Gallery, (artist statement, photo and image), winter 2009
SNAP, community newspaper (Canadians for children at health risk clay workshop, photo), February 2009

"Woman & Environments", International Magazine (image on front cover, back and middle), No.80/81-Spring, 2009
Canadian-Macedonian News, cultural newspaper, Story about artist (photo), June 2008, Toronto, ON
Lynn Andrews, International Scholarship Calendar (painting), 2008, Arizona, US
SNAP, community newspaper (show/artist photo) Snap Bloor West, Village Art Tour, Vol 2 No 5:July, 2007
SNAP, community newspaper (show/artist photo on front cover page) March, 2007
The Villager, community newspaper (artist solo show article) Feb. 16, 2007, Toronto, ON
Lynn Andrews, International Scholarship Calendar (painting), 2006 - Arizona, US
CTV - channel,108 Goddesses (news/painting) Fall, 2005 - Toronto, ON
Globe and Mail - newspaper, 108 Goddesses (holistic article) Fall, 2005 -Toronto, ON
The Villager - community newspaper, (group article, photo) Fall, 2004 - Toronto,ON
NOW Magazine, North by North music festival (photo), 1998 - Toronto, ON


Exhibition Assistance Fund, 2012 from the
Ontario Art Council

Energy Art Movement, Biljana Banchotova ~ Artsy Shark article, exhibition in Veliky Novgorod, Russia 2011

Click here to view: Flickr photostream of the event

Click here to view: Youtube channel

Energy Art Movement, Biljana Banchotova ~ Artsy Shark article, exhibition in Veliky Novgorod, Russia 2011

Click here for online article

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Life's Prayer, Biljana Banchotova ~ DVD-Video 2009 - Toronto, ON ~ producer Angelica Boehler, at Safire One Productions

Online Publications:
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Aontach- Druidic Dawn.

Dec 21, 2012

article on page 26


Orbis Television, featured artist/video July 25, 2012, Bitola, Macedonia

link (external)

Featured artist at Susan Weeds – Wise Woman Talkingstick, October 07, 2011

link (external)

“Spiritual Explorer expresses the Divine Self” - Toronto Paganism Examiner Toronto by Kyle West, May 2010

link (external)

Featured Artist at Wise Woman Herbal Ezine - May 2010, Volume 10 Number 5

link (external)

“Bridging Heaven and Earth”-Featured artist, article at

Building Bridges E-Magazine – March, 2010 Volume 1. Issue 1

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