Healing Art Project

Healing Art Project

Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits

Hi you!

 Have you ever wished to have your beautiful portrait done…yes!

…then this is for you! I will closely look into!…woven fibres of Life Force, manifesting itself beyond the “ordinary” eyes; as vision and insight…channelled through your conscious and unconscious wisdom …to appear as it comes…embrace this, for it is your unfolding beauty.

The Soul Portrait that I weave is unique as you are!

All this initiated in your space could be rewarding in all the ways that you could think of. As a meditation tool; vision questing; fun and therapeutic; of the dream time, visionary; storytelling and sometimes scary!

…OK  fung shui, may be on your way!

Receive this uniqueness the way it may come, for it is your gift of Spirit and you’re calling HOME!

It would be great if you are present for the start up gestures…and if not I will need your name, date and place of birth and if you wish your secret, photo! Special requests are also welcome.

The cost is by sliding scale that varies with the size of the canvas ;the process and intentions that might are involved...everyone is respected as ‘Individuality” at this! 


Trevor Rogers

acrylic on canvas, 2016, tribute

"Forever celebrated"

Mother Nature,
acrylic on canvas, 18"x24", 2010,
SOUL PORTRAIT, commissioned

“When I was a little girl, my Maya people called me
"The Little Girl That Talk with the Flower";
And now I am "The Elder Woman Who Talk To the Tree"”

~ Violeta Migoya, Maya Grandmother Priest

Seedling the Winding Road,
acrylic on canvas, 18"x24", 2010,
SOUL PORTRAIT, commissioned

“Biljana’s gift has at long last reunited my Soul with my Spirit,
so that they may work together as One.
I have been given a clear vision of my future through
the acknowledgment and honouring of my past. It is truly a thing of beauty!”

~ Joe Debreczeni, musician

Healing Art Project



The Bridging Heaven & Earth International Healing Art Project is, simply: a world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many. Basically it is that each artist produces an all-new (so it is fresh, spontaneous and NOW) work of art (painting, sculpture, collage....anything that comes through them) based on the theme " Bridging Heaven & Earth "....the collective energies of so many unbelievable, creative, people, from all over the world thinking, meditating on, and manifesting “Bridging Heaven & Earth " will be huge......

“Bridging Heaven and Earth”
What does Bridging Heaven and Earth represent for you?

… I wonder what magic, image, thought, emotions stir within you, your soul and perhaps community. The invitation is for joining the network of Building Bridges, so we may collectively awaken and fine tone our divinity in Creation….

While I called upon the “Bridging Heaven and Earth” prayer, I thought of Birth and how everything that manifests today is in a way embodiment of alchemical mating of the past, present and yes, the future!

Every form, thought, action, movement is as reaction that weaves upon an eternity. So, it made me wonder that the sensitivity of this prayer might’ve been “bridging” the fibers of my very own soul. I heard the ancestral voices echoing the ions of memory, deep within me and forward into a new light.

As I allowed myself to paint, feel and touch,
the source of this energy moved me into waves of colour, sound, dance,
so I stir in the seeds of life; my visions calling….HOME

Then it happened, when “the eyes become the seeing and the ears start listening“. In that moment everything was possible. With my ambition at hand, I called in, not one, but the rays of seven colours, which naturally stood clear, side by side, and awakened something that I had forgotten, my very own inner sun…..

I decided to walk on this Bridge and whisper words of light: love, harmony, peace, serenity, compassion, forgiveness …then it was when I saw the Graces of these names shine trough, like your very own soul, creating a grid of light that will connect as all…moving throughout the planet, expending constellations of stars, opening doorways of beyond my wisdom…

I summon that everyone, from young to Elder
will join in whispering words of light, prayers, stories, songs of
Building Bridges. So we may hear again, and again,,…
the sacred geometry of our very own soul.

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